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Pushing Boundaries...


Lustre FX is a world renowned, bespoke coatings company that manufactures, distrubutes and applies their patented products all over the globe.

A talented team of passionate people with a thirst for creating new and innovative design solutions for the commercial, residential and DIY markets. Lustre FX are excited by the prospect of cracking ideas that people deem not possible - this is what makes them tick!  They wish to share their knowledge with other people to improve the industry as a whole.
Lustre FX provides a wide range of decorative coating solutions and world class training that meet the needs of astute individuals and companies. An award-winning company recognised for excellence in both manufacture and service, Lustre FX pride themselves on working with clients to create tailored solutions that meet specific requirements, budget and timeframes.
Lustre FX products are licensed for manufacture and distributed worldwide - with offices in: Australia, India, Manila, Korea, Indonesia and the UAE.


Edward Richardson – CEO

Ed is the main driving force behind the brand, he is the founder of Lustre FX metal technology and has taught many applicators around the world his intellectual property and how to improve their finishes as well as troubleshoot their problems.  You could say Ed is our “go to” man and is responsible for all of Lustre FX ground breaking products, techniques and unique world first finishes.  Always looking for cost effective solutions with high aesthetic results Ed has an extensive background in working with world renound artists and businesses at the top of their fields to close the gap between dream and reality. He brings this vast knowledge to the table and delivers on problems that other companies have not been able to come close to.


Trent Richardson – Managing Director

Trent deals directly with clients to establish what products and solutions best suits their needs.  He works closely with Edward to deliver effective quotations, whilst offering innovative ways to reflect your brief.  With a drive and passion for construction, manufacture and unique design he is responsible for pushing the company to new leaps and bounds in a vast number of areas.


Haley Richardson – Design Team Manager

Haley is responsible for implementing ideas to extend the reach of Lustre FX and its products both nationally and internationally.  She is responsible for coming up with design solutions for for business development.  Always wanting to push the boundaries of design she assists the team artistically by exploring new material possibilities and applications.