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Pushing Limitations with Innovative Metal Coatings, Venetian Plaster & Proprietary Products


Lustre FX products are coatings suitable for interior and exterior applications.  They are an affordable, unique and bespoke coating alternative to paint finishes, sheet metal, stone, marble or plaster. Suitable for almost any surface, Lustre FX coatings provide a seamless metal or marble skin integration to the substrate allowing it to be treated as if it were real metal or marble.  The light-weight coatings of Lustre FX artistically enriches any commercial or residential building project.  

Lustre FX extends the creative boundaries of architects, designers, artists, sign-writers and set designers by providing enticing surfaces beyond imagination.  Lustre FX will recommend the product best suited for your job – things taken into consideration are; the end use, the amount of traffic the site might receive, whether it is interior or exterior or flexible, the level of polish required and the overall aesthetic.  The end product is endless… Lustre FX uses different raw minerals and a multitude of tools, techniques and trade secrets to deliver colours and finishes that you and your clients will simply love!

With a number of products, solutions and innovations at our fingertips come visit our state of the art showroom and let us help you drive your next project.

Benefits of Lustre FX to our clients

Builders , architects and designers – love using Lustre FX because:

  • Finishes can be applied to almost any substrate so can be utilised in the commercial, hospitality, retail, marine and domestic fit-out situations.
  • The coatings can be utilised for interior and exterior application.
  • Extensive CSIRO testing can be provided, along with MSDS sheets.
  • We can customise finishes and colours to specific design briefs, making it easy for clients to visualise what the end result may look like.
  • Our production work frame is important so that your turnaround is on time every time.


Sign-writers – love using Lustre FX because:

  • They can cheaply cut out foam, MDF lettering and logos and have them coated by us to replicate real metal, this is an alternative to sheet metal which can be size restrictive.
  • More profit to be made as the coating is less expensive than sheet metal.
  • Signs are much lighter and therefore easier to be fixed in place.
  • The coatings can be used on signs and displays for both interior and exterior use.


The residential market – love using Lustre FX because:

  • It provides a solution to metallic paint and does not chip and peel over time, and it looks like real metal (as it primarily is) and not a paint imitation.
  • It can be patinated, waxed and treated to give an aesthetic aged look, usually only achievable with real metal.
  • Provides a modern solution for renovations, and enriches any building project, giving it that “designer” statement.
  • Does not require timely maintenance.


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