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Innovative Metal Coatings for all Substrates


Lustre FX challenges the boundaries of traditional building and coating options of the commercial and decorative market. Offering unique metal, plaster and concrete coatings for interior and exterior surfaces, Lustre FX artistically enriches any building project.


Lustre FX coatings can be applied to almost any substrate. The coating enhances design and construction limitations by providing seamless integration and added strength which  allows the substrate to be treated as if it were solid metal. With cost effective and design friendly solutions – Lustre FX is the future.


Don’t sell your project short by using restrictive sheet-metal, laminate or paint finishes. Complete your vision… bridge the gap between design and functionality, add the distinctive Lustre FX coating to your project, giving it the presence it deserves.


lustre001.jpgOriginal FX

Our original solvent based solution is very strong and has up to an amazing 25 year life span when used outdoors. We continually look at ways to further improve the hardness and longevity of this product as it used widely on flooring, exterior cladding and most outdoor applications. With new advancements Lustre FX are now able to achieve a high level of polish that our competitors simply cannot match. With the Original FX mix we are also able to offer bespoke textured and three dimensional finishes such as our new “skins” range.



lustre002.jpgAqua FX

A recent addition to the range developed exclusively by Edward Richardson at Lustre FX our PATENTED water based metal coatings are a world first. Apart from being revolutionary the Aqua mixture dries in a short amount of time, washes in water and shows as much strength as its Original sibling. Environmentally and user friendly Lustre FX is now able to use Aqua FX on site if applicable, and can achieve the highest shine possible in the shortest amount of time. Lustre FX - Aqua FX is now licensed an manufactured globally.



lustre003.jpgFlex FX

Developed in 2008 by Edward Richardson for the film industry and at special request by WETA workshop in New Zealand (special effects team of Lord of the Rings, Avatar etc). After years of trying to perfect a finish for props and costumes that was durable, shiny, would bend and didn’t chip WETA sought our help to develop a solution. Our solution in their words was “The Holy Grail” of the film industry and we exceeded their expectations. It is this flexible metal breakthrough which is seeing Lustre FX being the preferred supplier to coat many of Hollywood’s armour and props. We have had recent interest from clothing designers wishing to explore the use of our Flex FX product in their textiles to be incorporated into fashion garments and collections. Any other company around the world making similar claims of the above are false and misleading.


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